Description - Lumbogut against backaches
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LumboGut – Getting Back Pain under Control

LumboGut ist a patented training solution for a halthy back, specially, the lubar spine. It was developed in a pain management-oriented physical therapy practice and has been successfully tested over many years of use on the patient.

Which Conditions are Ameliorated by LumboGut?

LumboGut relieves pain due to an invorrect or monotonous posture. Pain conditons include for example, difusse bak pain, sciatica, disc problems, pinched nerves, or coccyx inflammation, among others.

Why Do You need a LumboGut?

The special shape of LumboGut moves the pelvis forward and thereby relieves the intervertebral discs and facet joints automatically, by moving them into the anatomically correct position. LumboGut reduces the pressure on the pelvis and distributes the tautness to the sacroiliac joints, wich supports a correct posture. LumboGut ist therefore a necessary addition to physical therapy treatment of the lumbar spine for a long term effect.

Preventive Treatment with LumboGut

If used regulary LumboGut prevents future back pain. Gentle tilting on LumboGut tones the muscles of the lumbar spine and compensates the lack of movement and constrained posture due to long sitting. Existing postural deformity ist improved and future problems are thereby prevented by using LumboGut.

Pelvic Floor Exercises at LumboGut

Tilting the pelvis on LumboGut in conjuction with varying leg positions promotes pelvic floor health in the context of the well-known pelvic floor training.

How to use LumboGut?

LumboGut ist used against pain in the lumbar portion of the spine by systematically applying three main principles in the treatment of back pain:

  • Correcting incorrect posture
  • Mobilizing joints
  • Strengthening muscles.

The first step - correcting incorrect posture

eliminates malpositions of the 5th lumbar vertebra. Because of frequent sitting the 5th lumbar vertebra is compressed, wich results in incorrect postures. If done daily, the malpositions increase, and even further because of increased times of sitting, wich result in back pain. LumboGut counteracts this defective posture by bringing the 5th lumbar vertebra back to its correct starting position, thus creating the possibility for pain reduction.

The second step – mobilizing joints

As soon as the 5th lumbar vertebra has been moved back to its correct position, slight movements of the pelvis on LumboGut mobilize the muscles by the so-called coccugiallumbale muscle sling. This mobilization also tones the muscles of the lumbar spine, thereby counteracting the lack of exersice and monotonous postures. This enhance the circulation in the entire lumbar region and leads to further pain reduction.

The third step – strengthening the muscles

invigorates the superticial and deep dorsal and ventral muscles through optimal pelvic positioning and specifically concerted exercises. This is necessary in order to relieve the lumbar vertebra and the spinal column tu support the spine as a whole.

LumboGut is made in Germany and converts therapeutic experience to a functional application. As a result, LumboGut combines stability with comfort an is ideal for everyday use.